dollar shave club

dollar shave club

Experiment: match an existing brand's voice and format an email campaign

Dollar Shave Club is known for its honest approach to shaving. Real men use their razors. As a personal experiment, I bought my own. Could men's razors be just as good for women? No pink. All blades. It was bar none the best razor this girl has tried. I converted. 

Conclusion: men's razors are better

Ad copy for Dollar Shave Club is plain, simple fun. Taking all of my inner puns and giving them a punch line. A sleek, masculine razor. What could be better? Nothing. You're right.

The copy:

Nicks, scratches, scars, oh my!
A man needs the right tools. 
Nothing hidden. Really.


Multnomah University

The Goals:

Create a video script for a promotional video to announce the beginning of the largest comprehensive campaign in the history of Multnomah University. Establish credibility through sharing the founding mission of the university, create a compelling vision and expand the confidence in leadership.

The Audience:

All Multnomah University donors, past donors, prospective donors, alumni, parents of students, friends, and the churches in Portland.

The Takeaways:

Multnomah University is writing a new history for itself by expanding its science program, growing the athletic facilities and opening more scholarship opportunities.

The copy:

“Hi, I’m Craig Williford, the fifth president of Multnomah University.

For 83 years, Multnomah University has lived out our founding mission to prepare students for gospel ministry, wherever God may lead.

Today’s generation of students, more than any other, seeks to connect their personal faith with their career calling. And so, we’ve expanded our academic programs to focus on vocational discipleship in order to advance our original mission.

Now, I’m excited to announce the Board of Trustees has authorized the largest campaign in the history of Multnomah University to secure the future of Multnomah and expand the impact of our mission. This campaign, named “As God Leads,” is a three-year, 18 million dollar effort.

I invite you to join us by praying for and participating in this historic campaign – As God Leads.”


ashfab juice

ashfab juice

The Task: create a website with engaging copy

AshFab Juice is a pop-up juice company. Spreading their healthy lifestyle to the Bend, Oregon locals. I happily stepped in to create a website showcasing their story. The design and copy followed their hip, vibrant style.

The conclusion: fresh products produce fresh copy

Writing copy for a brand and people I believe in was inspiring. Creativity grows well when it happens naturally. To quote Albert Einstein, "Creativity is intelligence having fun."

The copy: 

Ingredients made to tango with your taste buds.
Only fresh. Only the best.
Crafted with care. Delivered with love.
Want the juicy details?
Crushing it. 

ashfab juice
Photo Credit:  Sydnee Marie Photography
ashfab juice
ashfab juice