Eyes Up : Today is a Good Day

I truly believe we chose to have a good or bad day. Today I decided to stay positive. I woke up at 5:20 a.m. to get some early work done. I found out I work quickly in the waking hours of the morning. Thankful for a cup of coffee (I'm typically not a coffee drinker), and a comfy couch to do work. There is something special about the morning. The quiet air. The still streets. The clicking of keys as I type. This quiet space allows my thoughts to come easily. 

Some of the ladies I live with at the opening of Sweet Life (Eugene, Oregon). 

I am extremely thankful for the community God has given me. I'm surrounded by people constantly in my house. Although there are 60 of us, it's easy to feel alone. It's that theory that you feel the most alone in a crowd of people. Well, that's how I felt yesterday. A long day climaxed in tears. Lots of them. I'm not a crier. I grew up with the mentality that crying is a sign of weakness. Well, I showed a lot of weakness yesterday. Among the things that crowded my thoughts: flight cancellation fees, lost credit card, midterms, papers, faulty friendships, phone replacement, housing for next year, and paying for London. 

Sometimes life feels like it's too much. But that's when we truly rely on God. He answers us. I was expecting God to have someone walk up to me and give me money to pay for London and say they felt like God told them to give it to me. That happens, right? It didn't happen to me. But you know what? God showed up in an even more personal way. He gave me a Bible verse (Philippians 4:6-9) that both my dad and close friend gave me. What are the odds of that happening? When we ask, God does answer! He speaks in these still, soft, subtle ways. I just hope I keep still long enough to see and hear Him.