Clearing the Fog : Moving Into the Future

Recently, I feel like I'm stuck in mud. It's a sluggish mixture of doubt and a wall of work keeping me from achieving my goals. I absolutely detest not being able to move forward from a situation.

For instance, this whole plane ticket fiasco for London. There was a lot of miscommunication and lack of clarity when it came to the date of arrival and departure. I purchased my tickets for June 27th (the first day of class) instead of June 23rd (the day before orientation). I was uncertain of the exact times and dates due to the continually updated (changing) website, pre-departure packet (doesn't specify dates clearly), and emails with the program coordinator. Naturally I was disappointed. Still hold a bit of frustration for paying $450 in fees to reschedule flights. I will go into their office and talk through the situation to see if there is anything they can do to offer compensation. A big university like UO can and should be able to afford to pay for mishaps. I've had to deal with their financial system before during freshman year of college...but that's a longer story for a later post. 

All this to say...I have to keep dreaming even when I don't feel like I have accomplished anything. What would I do if nothing was holding me back? If I knew I would succeed? I would write a blog. I would be traveling the world. I would start my own advertising business and work with my fellow journalism students. I would do really well in school. I would have my work published, short videos made and have self-sufficient finances.