Day 2: To Market To Market

Woke up late today. Jet lag has officially set in. Didn't quite make it to breakfast here in the dorm. It's "free" but it's technically included in the cost for my study abroad program. Decided to go shop for groceries after logging in my costs during my travels so far. I went through a list of recommended places my friend Chris suggested. I ended up at Waitrose. For you non-Brits out there, it's basically equivalent to Safeway. Chris said to register as a member online and get a free coffee every time I shop. So, I did that before heading down the block. Looked around and found some familiar goods: Popchips, Pringles, Ritz, peanut butter, Oreos. Buying packaged bread cost less than a pound. That's the way to save money in London! Then eat out on occasion. Picked up my free coffee and headed out.

Exiting the store, I found a used bookstore to my left. I explored the photography and literature sections for a while. I'm sure on other rainy days I'll go back and explore some more. 

Book from Skoob Books and latte from Waitrose.

I wanted to check one destination off my list today. I headed out with my directions in full intention to reach Primrose Hill - supposedly a beautiful view of the city. Got off one stop later than I should have from the bus and walked all over to find my connection. After not finding it and losing hope looking at the maps, I walked a bit further. I ended up in a crowded square. Wandering a bit more, I found myself at Camden Market. My best comparison would be to the Portland Saturday Market. After the policeman talked to us about theft yesterday, I was hyper aware of my valuables. Keeping my camera case (with my credit card and camera) close to my body, I looked through the clothes, jewelry, and food. Before heading home, I glanced across the street and found some familiar shops: Urban Outfitters, H&M, American Apparel, and Vans. Saddened my heart a bit to see this strip become Americanized. Oh well, others may not have the same impression.

Returned home without too much trouble. Although when it rains here, all of the mass transit freaks out. They don't know how to function with rain. I see the tempestuous weather as normal. One minute it's sunny and the next it's spattering rain everywhere. Londoners welcome to Oregon!