Day 3: The Drinking Game

Today was the day. I made up my mind to finally try alcohol for the first time EVER. Funny because it's a week until my 21st birthday. The wonders of being in the UK.

I went into a little Mexican food place down Oxford Street after church at Hillsong (Amazing by the way. You should go if you're in London). I ordered their original margarita (double shot Cuervo Traditional tequila with lime juice). Let's just say they said it packed a punch and it did! That's probably because I'm not accustomed to the taste of any alcohol, but it wasn't a pleasant taste.

My first drink - DF Mexico's original margarita

I wouldn't order it again. Hopefully not all alcohol takes drinking half the glass before your throat and taste buds give up and you can finally start to enjoy it. I still have the taste in my throat. I didn't notice a lot of changes in myself. I felt my face become warmer. I couldn't finish it. I was determined to get over halfway done because, well, I paid for it...devil of a drink. I can only imagine what hard liquor is like. Maybe I chose the wrong location and drink. There are probably better options out there. 

Walked around the shops for a few hours afterward. Then took a night walk around the city. Ended up near the London Zoo. Fun expedition and felt totally safe. Police officers wandering around the streets and plenty of fellow strolling pedestrians. To bed fairly early tonight (before 2am - jet lag and all) in preparation for class tomorrow morning. 

University College of London