Day 5: Wimbledon and Pimms

Ever waited in a queue (line) for over three hours? Was it to watch people drink champagne and eat strawberries? Well, that's what we did today! We went to Wimbledon. It's only open four weeks out of the year so it is special to be able to go. Woke up at the crack of dawn to stand in the queue. People even go there and camp the night before to get in. Thankfully we got in after a short three and a half hour wait. 

Part of the queue to get into Wimbledon. 

Wimbledon is unlike any other sporting event I've ever been to. It is a place respected by everyone who enters. People bring wine and champagne or buy pimms and strawberries to enjoy while watching matches. I tried pimms. I wanted the full British experience. So, my second drink ever...and it was excellent! It was very fruity. Much better than my first drink ever (the martini). 

Strawberry pimms

We were shown around by my tutor (professor) James Pierce. We explored all of the courts and watched a few matches on the large screen, which displayed the matches on centre court. Serena Williams played on the centre court.

We didn't get to watch. The queue (line) to get in was over two hours. Instead we went to another court for a different match. It was entertaining watching these well-renown athletes battling it out. The most enjoyable part were the audience members. Their muffled oohing and ahhing as their heads swept side to side to trace the ball made me giggle. 

Overall, the whole experience was surreal. The area was beautifully kept and a sense of respect for the athletes and arena followed. One for the books for sure!