Day 6: Four Words

Four words: eight hours of class. Today was pretty simple. An early morning run. Class all day. Not to say class wasn't interesting, but it's hard to sit in the same room and listen to lectures for that long. 

Things I learned today:

-My International Culture of Sport and Sports Journalism is a well-known BBC sports announcer. He has been reporting on the Olympics since 2000. This will be his ninth Olympics (in Rio). His name is James Pearce. Google him and be amazed by his accomplishments. What a privilege to hear his story and to be taught by him!


-Cider is good. Much better than martinis. 

-It's a rare day when it isn't raining in London. And everyone carries an umbrella.

-Clearly Americans need some help crossing the least I do!

Well, that's all folks. To Shakespeare's Globe tomorrow to see A Midsummer Night's Dream. Crazy to be able to say that. Still in awe of being here.