Day 22: To Be A Player

Got to tour Chelsea stadium today. I didn't have the background on the players on this team or the history of the stadium, but as a football (soccer) lover I did appreciate being there.

That giddy feeling that comes with soccer came back when I entered the gates of the stadium. The smell of grass, thousands of seats rimming the field, the lure of kicking the ball into the net...all of it was there. 

We had a behind the scenes tour of the press room, locker room, museum, and field. 

Press room - where the journalists ask the tough questions.

This is where the magic happens for all of the journalists. There were over 120 people squeezed into this lower level conference room. You can imagine the amount of noise and excitement that takes place.

Locker room

Each player has their picture on their locker. Our tour guide said some ladies from Spain slipped notes into one of the lockers in hopes the player would respond. Too bad for them the police clear out the lockers before the players enter the room.

Museum - old football (soccer) shoes

This is what the sport used to look like. Gear from the early 1900s.


Entering the stadium we ritually touched the stadium logo. Every player does this as a sign of good luck before the game. We sat in the players heated seats and walked on the field. I felt like I was a part of the team for a few minutes. Oh to be back on the field...

*This will be my last post for a little while. I'm realizing I need a little more time and space to enjoy it here (and in Paris). I'm excited to share my journeys a little later on.