Day 9: Faces, Faces, Faces and Gelato

Well, my phone is having some issues. It decided to go on holiday (vacation) and not charge at all. Another mobile store run tomorrow. Hoping to find some answers quickly. 

SIR PAUL NURSE 'PAUL' By: Jason Brooks (Acrylic on linen) 

Headed over to the National Portrait Gallery. Right before I entered helicopters were flying overhead. Apparently someone ran out or into the gallery with something they weren't supposed to have. An exciting time to go! After being in the busy British Museum, the National Portrait Gallery is my new favorite. Not as many people to crowd the halls. 

PEARL IN THE MORNING, READY FOR SCHOOL By: Samantha Fellows (Oil on panel)

The pieces were absolutely stunning and realistic. Had some fun imitating some of them.

PETRAS By: Laura Guoke (Acrylic on canvas)

JAMES WATT By: Carl Frederik von Breda (Oil on canvas) 

Found a few of my relatives. Do we look alike?

Grabbed some gelato after poking my head into the M&M's world. To be truthful, this isn't a picture of my gelato. Mine was in a small cup and didn't have this grand presentation. I asked if I could photograph a stranger's instead.

Gelato from Amorino

A relaxing evening of football (soccer) watching, homework, Skype calls back home, and planning for trips to Scotland and France. Off to St. Paul's Cathedral tomorrow!