Life as a Public Figure

I left off on a cliff hanger. I officially chose a place to live for the school year. I'm at the Onyx House for my forth year. Surprise! I realized all along I was trying to run from what God told me almost four months ago. As my good friend Rian said, I pulled a Jonah. Avoiding what God says only leads to confusion and chaos (as shown in my previous post). I feel at peace being where God wants me. I sense He has something really important for me this coming school year.

First off this is probably one of the only times I'll mention politics in a post. As a public figure, you are held responsible for every single action and word said. Or in Melania Trump's case, repeated word for word. Election time is the perfect example. All sorts of slanderous slogans and background checks come to the forefront. Like Hillary Clinton's email scandal.

I'm not a public figure, but I understand some of the pressures. All of my thoughts are revealed to the online world. I allow the world into my living room and deeper still into my head. Is the loss of privacy worth the sacrifice?

In short, yes. Why?

To relate. To learn. To grow.

Relate: We all struggle. Being able to sympathize with someone in their joys and distress is freeing and empowering.

Learn: The best way to learn is through example. Collaborating with others sharpens our perspectives and ideas.

Grow: The best part about conversations. We get inspired to take action.

I hope my blog is a place where we can realize we are all human. We make mistakes. But, the good news (thank goodness there is good news) that there is grace and redemption through Jesus. More on this later...