Eugene Speaks : 29 Stories in 29 Days

Eugene Speaks is a personal project created in the white space between school, work and sleep. I was inspired by Humans of New York and Everyday Boston to tell the stories of my fellow Eugene residents. 

This project was both challenging and enthralling. Every day I would listen to someone's story. My hope was to learn from them and inspire their dreams through my questions.  

The questions I asked:

-What is your favorite thing about yourself?

-Has anyone every told you that you couldn't do something?

-What is your biggest dream?

-What is your life motto or favorite quote?


Interviewing, transcribing and editing every day proved to be more difficult than I expected. Getting text and images onto Instagram was at first tedious until I used Google Drive as my go between.


People are people are people. We all want someone to care about our stories. I hold these 29 people's stories close to my heart. They taught me to care about all of the people I used to walk by without even looking them in the eye.