The Five Best Questions to Ask and Why:


1) What service were you seeking when you hired __(your company)__ ?

Allowing the customer to write the specific service you provided allows future clients to know if you can help them with the same need. Another tip is to highlight services you would like to do more of in the future. Let people know about your skills and niche.

2) How has working with __(your company)__ helped your business?

Asking this question will allow your client or customer to elaborate on the correlation between their increased business and your services. The bottom line is what really matters for your client or customer, and this question will drive them to answer how you helped.

3) Where do you see the most growth in your business?

Perhaps their growth wasn’t in profit but instead increased their positive reviews, traffic flow, referrals, etc.This question gives space to explore other avenues of how your work helped your client or customer and will give your reviews a variety of ways to measure success.

4) How would your experience rate out of five stars? Why?

A perfect visual to include on your website and social media. Five out of five stars is what you’re aiming to get from these reviews. The “why” will allow the client or customer to exclaim about your fantastic work.

5) Why was it worth hiring someone to do the work?

Lastly, adding value to your work will allow you to charge what your services are worth. If a client or customer gains ten more hours per week and finds fifteen new clients because they hired you, it was well worth their time and investment. Driving your client or customer to explain how they can do more of what they love because of you is the ultimate goal.