Tuesday: Transportation

Challenge: Burn calories, not fossil fuels. 

The idea is to walk, ride, carpool, or take mass transit as much as possible to reduce fuel emissions...and to keep an active lifestyle. 

Where did I got today and how:

-school (walking)

-5th Street Market (biking)

-college group (walking) 

So, I know we are supposed to not buy anything, but my workout class required sweatpants, so I had to buy some. I came up with my best alternative to buying new. I bought them from St. Vincent de Paul's clothing store. This store sells donated clothing. In this way, I am able to reuse (if I can't reduce). 

I do feel guilty for buying more clothes. There are people across the globe who only own one pair of shorts or pants. Here I am buying more stuff! It reminds me of one of the points Colin faced in "No Impact Man." "But this cultural ethic of reuse changed when, by way of example, button factoires disocvered it was cheaper and more efficient to get their bone from the conveyor-belt slaughterhouses, and paper producers discovered a way to make paper from trees instead of from cloth...from producer to consumer to landfill and incinerator." I know that repurposing someone else's old clothes should make me feel a little bit better, but in reality, I still feel guilty.

I didn't notice a big difference my day besides more biking. I usually walk, bike, or bus everywhere I go.

What I ate (all made at home by our house chef - food bought from Costco and Stop N Shop):

-breakfast: egg, toast, coffee (with soy milk)

-snack: banana

-lunch: salad, chips, toast

-dinner: rice, orange chicken, mixed veggies

To end the challenge - 5 things I'm grateful for:

1. My belief in Jesus. He helps me have peace and the ability to share love.

2. My family. They encourage me to dream big.

3. My friends. As silly as they are they are wise beyond their years.

4. The sunrises I get to see every day.

5. The rain. A beautiful display of light glistening through the sky.