Wednesday: Food

Challenge: Healthy eating can also lessen your foodprint. 

I decided to trade my breakfast for fresh fruit mixed into a smoothie. It was delicious and I felt refreshed by eating a lighter breakfast! I replaced whole wheat bread that wasn't processed locally for Dave's Killer Bread (manufactured in Milwaukie, Oregon). I didn't switch out anything else. Mainly because I don't buy my food - our chef does. I know he tries to buy locally if he can. It is difficult buying fresh ingredients in bulk daily. 

I really can't spend money on going to the local farmer's market to buy food. I already pay rent and money towards food. So, the only thing I can do is suggest things for our chef. The only foods that are locally grown are fruits. The rest are packaged. It's a hard challenge that I don't think I can fulfill accurately until I start buying my own food.

So, I will keep trying to eat the fresh food that isn't packaged. 

Thankful for:

1. School

2. Early mornings

3. Bread

4. Sleep

5. Coffee