Thursday: Energy

Challenge: Replace kilowatts with ingenuity - explore no-energy alternatives to accomplish your daily tasks. 

So, I live in a house with sixty people as mentioned above. The only impact I could have today was to turn off the heat. We use a lot of energy in my house. A lot of it has to do with the system itself failing. For instance, with heat it is hard to gauge when to turn on and off the heat. The whole house takes a few days to adjust its temperature to the outside temperature. We have tried turning the heat completely off for a few days. That's when it was below freezing and we could see our breath inside. Not the best solution.

We do use energy efficient lights - one bonus! It is frustrating to not see much progress made to make our house more power efficient. I have had discussions with management and with our chef. That's about all I can raise awareness.

I don’t want less progress. I want more progress, real progress.
— No Impact Man

Basically I have control over my room and devices. I did go a week without any devices earlier this year...because they all decided to die simultaneously. I will try to turn off my phone whenever I'm not using it. Not use my lights at night and just go to bed instead of reading. 

The good part is that my laptop and phone are my only power suckers. 

Thankful for:

1. Fruit

2. Sunshine

3. Rain (puddle jumping)

4. Encouraging words

5. Biking