Sunday: Eco-Sabbath

Challenge: Take a break from everything.

I enjoyed a morning of writing in my journal, and a long walk with a friend. Unfortunately, I needed to use a device to write this post today. Other than that, I plan on turning off all other distractions through technology. 

I believe by paying attention to my trash and consumption of non-reusable products I'm able to see my impact more clearly. It's hard to actually understand how big of an impact just one person makes until we do something like this challenge. 

I hope to use less of my devices throughout the day. Pick up my watch again (like I did on Friday) and use that instead of a phone to keep track of time. My goal is to continue finding work within walking or biking distance of my home. I truly believe the time I have on a bike or bus allows me to decompress and settle down after work.

This week has been an adventure of realizing my current living situation isn't the most energy efficient (Thursday). It's a little disappointing to realize I can't change much of my current situation besides my consumerism mindset. 

Besides this challenge, I think by not owning a lot of stuff in general I'm able to see the benefits in my current lifestyle especially in the realm of transportation (Tuesday). I hope to continue living with less and not buying things (like coffee) that I can make myself. 

Looking back at my 5 things I'm thankful for every day, I see that most of my lists consisted of things that are conceptual or not physically tangible. I'm happy about that. It means I could be happy in almost any circumstance - without needing stuff or things.