Get help sharing your story:


step 1: know your business $340

Receive tools and strategies to make your business look great!

  • Social media recommendations based on your current online presence

  • Detailed description of your target audience’s demographics

  • Tools to use for SEO, blogging, emailing and client engagement

Step 2: grow your business $495

Already have an audience in mind? Get help with new ideas and writing!

  • Writing for blog posts, website content, emails, social media, and advertising (5 total)

  • Comprehensive strategy for building your social media (option to add a monthly content calendar $100)

  • List of 25 ideas to effectively engage with your current clients

Step 3: keep your business $395/mth

Discover what your audience wants, needs and what works!

  • Give your “club” of followers new material consistently through social media posts, email marketing and blog writing

  • Involving local press and media to share your business with your community

  • Upgrade your video, photography and biography content online

Need writing for an advertisement or social media post?

Social media copywriting: $60 per post

Digital advertisement (15-20 words): $85

Print advertisement: (50-100 words): $250

Website content (100-350 words): $625