Illuminate the World

I filmed, wrote, edited and displayed this video in less than 20 hours. 

Illuminate was a promotional video done following a prompt for a creative project. The prompt involved using technology invented in the past three years to reach a brand's audience in a new way. Toms was the brand of choice. The goal was to connect Solepower with Toms to store electric energy by walking.

A testimony about the YMCA

A story showing what it’s like to be a part of the YMCA. The purpose was to create a personal connection for future members to consider the YMCA as a family friendly and safe place to achieve their physical fitness goals.


the city of love in Paris, France

Finding if Paris, France, fulfills the famous saying as the “city of love.” I interviewed several tourists and locals to find the answer.

University of Oregon's Department of Volcanology

A project using the video footage collected by the University of Oregon's volcanology department's expedition in Santorini. I use their gathered video excerpts to share their story of life at sea. Fun fact: The data this program collected will create the most detailed mapping of any volcano in the world.