29 Stories in 29 Days

29 stories

the catalyst: inspiring others to chase their dreams

Eugene Speaks is a personal project created in the white space between school, work and sleep. I was inspired by Humans of New York and Everyday Boston to tell the stories of my fellow Eugene residents. 

This project was both challenging and enthralling. Every day I would approach strangers and listen to their stories. My hope was to learn from them and inspire their dreams through my questions.  

The questions I asked:

What is your favorite thing about yourself?

Has anyone every told you that you couldn't do something?

What is your biggest dream?

What is your life motto or favorite quote?


Interviewing, transcribing and editing every day proved to be more difficult than I expected. Getting text and images onto Instagram was at first tedious until I used Google Drive as my go between.


People are people are people. We all want someone to care about our stories. I hold these 29 stories close to my heart. They taught me to care for strangers, to listen well and encourage others.