Saturday: Giving Back

Challenge: Pay it forward. Feel the benefits of service. 

Ways I currently contribute: I work for a nonprofit called Eugene Beings, lead in a college ministry, tithing my income to my church

Where I would love to help out: Young Life - I feel I can't because of my energy constraint. I already contribute most of my time to school, work and college ministry. I think I could contribute in helping with their monthly clubs rather than weekly committing time. 

I also would like to get more involved in the homeless community. My college ministry is doing a burrito making day to give to homeless people. Eugene Beings is also working towards making income off a calendar to give to the Eugene Mission. 

I feel excited and energized when I help others or give back to others. Anything I can do to serve leaves me feeling more confident in my work and in school. I become more compassionate to strangers. 

Thankful for:

1. Interviewing 

2. Elders who bestow wisdom

3. Knowledge

4. Dirt (playing in it and planting food)

5. Childrens' laughter