Monday: Trash

Challenge: Discover how wasting less improves your life. 

So, collecting trash wasn't as easy as I expected. Especially since I live in a house of sixty people, and we use paper towels all of the time. It will be a little tricky to continue using my own towel and washing it every few days. This is challenging in our kitchen when it's much easier to grab a paper towel and toss it after using. However, that leaves me using at least 10-15 a day.

I do have containers I can use instead of baggies. Thankfully most of the time I don't have to pack my meals, and I have a handy travel mug to carry hot beverages in. 

Overall, I think the most difficulty part is collecting and saving all of my trash. It does add up. I guess that's the point is to see how much I leave in a landfill rotting (or not) every single day. 

Thankful for:

1. Teachers

2. Gloves

3. Journalling

4. Smiles

5. Camera